VIP Branding is the school transformation expert in identity, facility and spirit branding. It is part of our business culture and our belief that we can help create better futures for students by building school pride, student engagement and community spirit in schools like yours. Igniting excitement and support in schools is what we do best. Join us and let’s unleash the power inside your school.

IDENTITY BRANDING– Our branding experts will help you determine your schools ideal branding needs and guide you through an effective creation process. You get a unique mascot and brand. Deploying the VIP Branding platform inside your school can help increase the feeling of ownership and belonging. For students, these feelings will last well beyond their school years, turning them into life-long fans.

CAMPUS BRANDING – Our VIP design team combined with our high quality products will get your campus and community excited and more involved in school activities. When students feel  connected to their school, they show up more often, get better grades, and are more likely to graduate and support the school as alumni. The mission of VIP branding is to help you create a visual environment where students feel like they belong.

SPIRIT BRANDING – Our selection of spirit branding is a great way to help your faculty, students and community show their school pride and fire up the crowd. Plus, a variety of our spirit branding products can be used for fundraising.

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VIP Branding, powered by Varsity Brands, was founded with one concept in mind: bring professional design and products to school campuses.
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Our research has shown that strong school branding increases student participation in academics and extracurricular.
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We help you create a visual environment that generates excitement, promotes student engagement and boosts school spirit.
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Helping schools ignite excitement through brand creation or product placement generates exposure and increases support.