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School Brand Empowerment – The University Way

School Brand Empowerment | The University Way

By Dr. Robert A. Sevier

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Seven Secrets That Will Transform High School Brands, Enhance Community Involvement, and Generate Support

Seven Secrets That Will Transform High School Brands


Brands…where would be we without them?

They offer confidence (think Volvo); they inspire (think Cirque); and they tell the world we are cool (think BMW).

But do brands only exist in the world of adults?

Consider American Girl. Or Disney. Or Xbox. Or Aéropostale. Or Apple. These companies have long understood the value of having a strong brand.
But strong brands are not limited to businesses. For years, colleges and german viagra universities have also understood the value of brands. Schools like Stanford, The Ohio State University, and Harvard have made the investment, and reaped the reward of strong brands.


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White Paper Contents Topics:The Seven Steps to Brand Empowerment

  1. Assemble the leadership team
  2. Conduct a brand image assessment
  3. Write a Plan
  4. Implement your brand strategy
  5. Monetize your brand for fundraising success
  6. Don’t tread on my brand
  7. Monitor and measure results


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