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A New School Brand Will

Create excitement in your community
End Logo infringement lawsuits
Build the foundation for new traditions

branding engages your school's community

Engage Your Community

Strong, professional branding will get your community excited and more involved in school activities. Your students will have increased feelings of ownership and belonging and will make them more likely to support your school as alumni.

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Stop Logo Infringement Lawsuits

VIP Branding helped schools across the country rebrand and end litigation associated with logo infringement. By creating a new, unique brand identity, your community will have a brand they can call their own.


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School Logo Creation

Brand creation is a unique process that is much more than creating a new logo or mascot – it is a strategy. Our branding experts work with your key stakeholders to develop a brand that highlights existing traditions, while building the foundation for new ones.

School Brand Experts

Most schools currently have a logo and mascot that can easily be used to create an effective brand. A well-designed school logo and mascot will build the foundation of a strong brand and will serve as the visual focal point. In some cases, a school may have a brand that is outdated or lacks consistency. Therefore, many schools are turning to a professional to create a brand that will be unique and effective, as well as professional and organized. The branding experts at VIP Branding work with high schools, middle schools and elementary schools across the United States to inspire communities, excite students and monetize school brands. VIP Branding powered by Varsity Brands was designed to create excitement within your community.