fund raise more effectively

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Maximize your resources
Fundraise More Effectively
Reduce School Shop Costs
Excite your students

Effectively fundraise for high school

Fundraise Effectively

Imagine removing the barriers of time, geography and effort from the fundraising process by creating an online shop that features fresh designs and unique gear that everyone will love. VIP Branding’s Varsity Shop will allow you to maximize your resources and do more with less time and effort. Your new online shop will be the talk of the town and will raise funds with every sale.

Reduce school spirit store overhead

Reduce School Spirit Shop Costs

Any way you cut it – school spirit stores are expensive and can be resource intensive. There are inventory costs, time expenses and possibly even theft expenses. By leveraging the power of an online shop, you will have a maintenance-free solution that will allow you to eliminate costs associated with physical school spirit stores.

Effective fundraisers for schools

Excite Your Students

When students see school fashion gear that was created with them in mind, it gives them a sense of ownership and investment. Varsity Shop is on the forefront of creating cool fashion gear that appeals to students, as well as parents and alumni.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

VIP Branding powered by Varsity Brands, provides unmatched brand work, an online school shop, and world-class marketing support to leverage and monetize the power of your school brand. Your school will raise money from across the country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and completely hands-free. VIP Branding’s Varsity Shop, will help unlock new revenue channels with less resources.