branding development includes logo development

An Exclusive Style Guide

Organizes your school’s branding
Ensures accuracy of your brand
Gives your school professionalism

An effective high school branding strategy

Organize Your Brand

The creation of a style guide serves as a reference point for administrators, faculty, coaches and vendors. This will organize your brand with your official school logo, colors and fonts in an easy to read PDF format.

Branding consultation and development

Branding Consistency

A VIP Branding Style Guide will give you the ability to control your brand by creating rules for how your logo can and cannot be used. This will ensure accuracy of your brand no matter where or how it is being reproduced. Vendors will always have the correct color codes to produce your official colors correctly every time.


Professionalism in elementary, middle, and high schools

Encourage Professionalism

Bring a level of professionalism to your school by having your branded identity standard in an easy-to-read PDF format. The VIP Branding Style Guide was created with the same standards that universities and colleges use to protect their brand identities.

A Brand & Style Guide Is a Branding Necessity

What’s the power behind a well designed logo if there is no way to enforce how it can and cannot be reproduced? If there is no style guide (sometimes known as a brand book or brand guide) there is no control. Imagine having a new staff member or coach join your school and all you had to do was have them download your school’s brand standards. In addition to being convenient, our style guides also contain all source artwork for your school logo and mascot. This means your faculty and coaches will have all of your logos and brand standards in one file. No more spending time searching through files to find the right logo – it is located in one convenient location.