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Increase School Spirit

By creating a visual environment
By fostering school pride
With a new brand identity

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Create a Visual Environment

VIP Branding’s mission is to provide a solution for schools to create a visual environment where students feel like they belong. Deploying the VIP Branding program inside your school can help increase a student’s feelings of ownership and belonging. These feelings will last well beyond their school years making them a supportive alumni.

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Foster School Pride

Creating and maintaining a strong sense of pride in your school will lay the foundation for success within your school community. By updating your current school brand, creating an entirely new school brand or simply condensing your existing school brand; you will be taking a step in the right direction.

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Create a New Brand Identity

Updating your existing school brand will not only build the foundation for a lasting legacy, it will have a positive effect on school spirit within your community. Building a new brand will excite your students and make them a part of the history of your school.

Improve School Spirit

Do you remember the mascot of your high school? How about your middle school? Maybe even your elementary? Most will remember all three, especially if school spirit was at a high level. Creating an excellent school brand is one of the many ways to improve school spirit. The branding process is a unique time to build excitement with students and faculty around the new or refreshed brand that is being created. At the end of the process, some schools even chose to hold a Pep Rally to debut the new logo and boost school spirit around the new branding.