Rancho Christian Schools
Temecula, California

No School Marketing Control

“We Were Quickly Losing Brand Control”

Rancho Christian Schools were faced with an issue that plagues many schools today: lack of brand control. One sport used a certain logo, while other sports used a different logo. On top of that, the school used a completely different primary logo. When our branding experts provided an initial in-depth discovery meeting, the Rancho Christian administration stated: “We were quickly losing brand control.” Although it seemed like an impossible problem to fix for the administration, it is an issue our branding experts face every day.


With all schools we work with, our branding experts took the time to understand the meaning behind the Rancho Christian Schools mascot. From there, our team worked together to create a mascot and logo design that best represented the school and the results were well received. The new Rancho Christian Schools Online Shop can proudly show off the new logo providing students and the community with fashionable and branded apparel.


Rancho Christian Official School Logos

VIP Branding created a powerful,
consistent brand.


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Create an Instant Impact

Creating a new logo and brand for your school is one of the best ways to increase school spirit. It not only brings an added level of excitement, but it also provides an opportunity to raise money for your school. Within a few weeks of creating their new brand, Rancho Christian held a launch party to debut their new school brand. They were able to create brand awareness, raise money and get the community excited about their new brand.