Big Urban District Issues

“Outdated Logos”

Long Beach Unified School District faced the same challenges that all large urban school systems with poverty and language barriers do: poor connectivity and low graduation rates. The Superintendent and his school leaders wanted to develop a multi-level solution to improve student education, connection, and graduation rates. Aside from implementing new educational systems, the high schools were also looking for other complementary programs to help increase the student retention and give them a strong feeling of belonging.


Increased Spirit Promotes Connectivity & Retention

“Unifying the Brands Across the District”

In 2010, LBUSD implemented a VIP Branding Program along with other complementary educational solutions. The VIP Branding team went to work and created exciting new branding, an amazing new online spirit shop, and provided campus improvement materials that resonated with the students, staff, and community.


“Despite the challenges of poverty and language inherent in a large, urban school system, our students, teachers and schools defy the odds,” LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said. “These encouraging results are rooted in our firm belief that all students – no matter their station in life – can learn and thrive when provided the right support.”


In a few short years, graduation rates in the Long Beach Unified School District have increased for the second year in a row, surpassing state and county rates. LBUSD’s overall graduation rate is 80.6 percent, up by half a percentage point over last year and surpassing both Los Angeles County’s rate of 77 percent and California’s rate of 80.2 percent.