Outdated Logos

“Outdated Logos”

Bear Valley Unified School District (BVUSD) is located in San Bernardino County, California. The district serves 7 schools: Big Bear Elementary, North Shore Elementary, Baldwin Lane Elementary, Fallsvale Elementary, Big Bear Middle, Big Bear High, and Chautauqua High. BVUSD had outdated logos for each of its schools, as well as an outdated brand identity for the district. The BVUSD superintendent contacted VIP Branding because the district had taken initiative to update its websites and BVUSD wanted to have new brand work to show off.


Unifying the District's Brands

“Unifying the Brands Across the District”

The VIP Branding design team went to work and constructed a unified brand image for BVUSD. By focusing on the lower half of each logo, VIP Branding was able to provide a professional and harmonious identity for the district. The logos were designed through each school’s individuality. The elementary schools received mascots that were more youthful, while the high schools received mascots that resembled the attitude of its students and athletic teams. The brand work was then carried through to their new websites, as well as their new revenue-generating Varsity Shop. A portion of the revenue that each online store produces goes back to the schools and is completely hands-free with zero inventory to manage.