scarce resources and and time makes fund raising difficult

Time is Money.

  • Can't find the time for fundraising?
  • Is your school affected by budget cuts?
  • Frustrated with your school store?
fundraising ideas that save time

Time Consuming Fundraisers

Fundraising is no easy task and when you are strapped for time, it is even more difficult. Collecting money, taking orders and organizing students – we have all been there and know how difficult fundraising really is. These fundraisers require a lot of time and effort and rarely produce desired results.

resources and school fundraise events are not enough

Increasing Budget Cuts

With the recent downturn in the economy and increasing budget cuts, we are all expected to do more with less. This leaves less time to raise needed money to support school programs and activities. These budget cuts reduce positive programs such as sports, club activities and after school programs.

Cant maintain school shirts - resource intensive

Costly School Store Maintenance

Outdated inventory, losses due to theft and high expenses are all issues associated with physical school spirit stores. These stores are meant to raise money for schools, but usually end up costing the school more money to operate.