Low Student Motivation

Spirit Blues?

  • Athletic programs suffering from low spirit?
  • Are your students lacking spirit and motivation?
  • Is low school spirit influencing your fundraisers?


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Athletic Program Performance

Athletics inspire levels of support from your community and student body. If your school has poor school spirit, it is likely affecting the support behind athletic programs. Athletics are a revenue generator for most schools and driving support to these programs is crucial.

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Low Student Motivation

Students are prone to being easily influenced – whether for good or bad. If their surroundings are negative and dysmal, it affects their attitude and motivation towards school activities and programs. Low student motivation will, in turn, negatively affect school spirit.

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Low School Spirit Affects Fundraising

Successful fundraisers stem from the community desiring to support your school’s activities. If school spirit is low, support will be low and it will be difficult to raise money for programs in need. Fundraising plays a major role in most school systems and high school spirit will make this process much easier.

Low School Spirit Affects Your School

School Spirit and school pride affect many areas at a school. Many administrators and educators even believe that proper behavior is associated with high school spirit – both on campus and off. Every day Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Parents are out in your community representing your school. If your fundraising activities, student motivation or athletic programs are experiencing negative reactions to low school spirit, now is the time to address the problem. By working with VIP Branding, our team can help build student and community excitement with new professional school branding.