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  • Facing a logo infringement lawsuit?
  • Tired of using a hand me down logo?
  • Currently using a trademarked logo?


school logo infringement

Usually Accidental

Schools do not realize they are doing something illegal by using a trademarked logo. Professional teams, universities and large corporations are actively searching for schools that use their logos illegally. These lawsuits can result in thousands of dollars in fines and merchandise replacement.

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Overcome the Negative

Logo infringement is not a fun process to find yourself in – it is embarrasing and costly. Although it is not ideal, it is the perfect opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one by increasing school spirit and establishing a new, unique brand identity for your school.

branding and logo development

Be Proactive

Lawsuits are public, embarrassing, and negative on your school’s brand image. If you are currently using a trademarked logo and have not yet faced litigation – avoid it by being proactive and rebrand your school before it is too late. A new school brand will excite your students and community.

Now is a Great Time to Establish Your Own Brand Identity

A school logo design should be a positive representation of that school. Many schools use other organization’s logos for their own school branding and by doing so, they do not have a truly unique brand identity. A great school logo design will include important elements that will differentiate your school from the rest. VIP Branding powered by Varsity Brands was designed to help schools create protected brand identities, build school pride and open new revenue channels for schools nationwide.