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Selling What Nobody Wants?

  • Are you tired of candy bar fundraisers?
  • Door-to-door fundraising make you anxious?
  • Do you constantly sell discount cards?


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Rinse and Repeat

School fundraisers are usually time consuming, rarely produce desired results and are repeated year-after-year. Offering the same school fundraiser over and over causes supporters to become irritated and lose interest in your school. Not to mention, finding a unique fundraiser each year is always a major challenge.

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Fundraising Causes Anxiety

Not only is it stressful to organize a fundraiser, it is also stressful for the supporters you are trying to sell to. Your community feels pressured and obligated to buy items that they don’t want and have a poor view of fundraising.

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Limited by Time and Geography

School fundraising is drastically limited by time and is equally limited by geography. Students can only knock on so many doors before they run out of potential customers. In addition, they normally have a short amount of time to be successful with their fundraiser.

Fundraisers Should Be Fun

It is clear that most school fundraising efforts are often difficult to execute and are zero fun. There is the hassle of organizing students, inventory to track and money to collect. When thinking about unique fundraising ideas, it is important to consider ideas or products that your community, students and faculty will enjoy and support. VIP Branding has created a fundamental shift in the way schools execute their fundraising efforts by exciting students and engaging your community. By utilizing the power of an online school store (or online school shop) your school can remove the barriers of time, geography and effort in the fundraising process. Imagine the ability to tap into your nationwide alumni database with the click of a mouse.