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Whoa, Nelly!

  • Does your school have ten different mascots?
  • Is your school brand improperly managed?
  • Is your school brand damaged?


unique branded strategy

No Unique Branded Identity

If your school uses multiple versions of the same mascot, it is nearly impossible to establish a unique identity for your school. A unique brand identity will cause instant branding recognition within your community, as well as with visitors to your school.

logo and product branding

No Brand Consistency

The football coach uses one logo, the swimming coach uses another, and the softball coach uses yet another. This is an age old issue that plagues most schools nationwide. Maintaining brand consistency in your school will give you a professional appearance and ensure that your branding is controlled.

damaged brand strategy

Damaged Brand

Like a corporate brand, a school brand may be overused, associated with a controversial subject or even diluted by a poor image in the community. This negativity affects faculty, students and parents – both on campus and off. Damaged branding can extend past your immediate community, so it is important to implement a branding solution.

The Importance of Brand Control

Most universities have a consistent, powerful branded image because they have full control of their branding. In order to have control, they implement a brand standards guide, also known as a style guide. Controlling your brand image is not only important for supporters to have a unique identity to rally behind, but it provides a consistent experience for visitors around your school campus. Ultimately, you want your brand recognizable visually and persuasive enough that your community and visitors feel their lives will be enriched through associating themselves with your school. VIP Branding offers distinctive branding that will set you apart from the crowd. After our branding experts have created a unique identity, they create a style guide that will provide control and transparency for your image.